A short introduction about Léon Indenbaum

Below you will find all the sculptures by the French artist Léon Indenbaum (1890-1981) that we offer for sale. We are pleased to be able to represent his work as gallery in collaboration with his family.
Léon Indenbaum is one of the artists of the École de Paris. École de Paris or also called School of Paris, does not stand for one particular art movement, it's rather an indication of a large group of artists who went to live and work in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, Paris was the capital of art, certainly also for the innovation in art, think about Cubism ofr Fauvism. This group of artists often came from the Russian Empire and Eastern Europe. Many of them were Jewish, often it was also a way for them to escape persecution and to create their art in freedom. Their art was often innovative.
Léon Indenbaum was one of them, a very talented sculptor who arrived in Paris from Belarus in 1911. He and his friends like Amadeo Modigliani, Chaim Soutine, Chana Orloff, Ossip Zadkin, Diego Rivera and Moïse Kisling, to name a few, were successful. Yet the name Indenbaum is not known to the general public, he was solitary, did not sign with the big galleries and he was averse to publicity.
The connoisseurs know his name, the museums have sculptures by him in their collection, but the little that remains of his work is not often seen or for sale to the general public. Sometimes a work is auctioned at Christie's, Sotheby's or MacDougall.

His family does not want his art to be forgotten. They want to give their grandfather a stage, so they asked us to represent Léon Indenbaum's sculptures.
Much of Indenbaum's work was lost during WWII. In addition, Indenbaum was not rich, he worked a lot with plaster, clay or wood. That is why the family has decided to have some of the work in their possession cast in bronze, in a limited edition of a maximum of 12 copies with a registered certificate. Posthumous bronzes, but a one-time edition, much of this work has never been cast before. There are only a few sculptures, so quite exclusive, as has always been the case with the work of Léon Indenbaum.

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