Dille Art

Dille Art mainly focuses on the interesting and versatile period from 1880 to around 1970. In addition to Art Nouveau and Art Deco, we also like to show you the art related to Impressionism, Cubism, Modernism and Expressionism. What attracts us to this period is the richness of artistry and innovation. Moreover, it is the period in which utensils may also be art. Much of our art comes from France, Paris was the international capital of art during this period.

Surprisingly and artfully

We want to show you our collection with pride. This means that you will see in our objects above all, a personal collection. We want to surprise you with our objects and we hope that you are going to recognize it as typical of Dille Art. We hope you can enjoy what we offer, and that we enrich you in the great supply that you will see all around you.


In our collection you will find pieces by well-known artists, but also anonymous ones or pieces of lesser-known artists. So we try to keep our collection varied and yet recognizable. It concerns us to the quality, the emotion that evokes a piece, the beautiful lines, the expression on a face and the artistry. In short: there are so many factors that will make a particular object a beautiful piece and comes together in just that one bronze, vase, painting or jewellery that makes your heart jump and falls in love.

We think along with you

We know how important it is for you as a collector and art lover to get a good buy. We are pleased to offer you that service, to make use of our expertise. We can advise you or support you in your next search, for what your collection makes it even more beautiful. In other words, we think along with you.

Global customers

We compose our collection by many travels within Europe. Particularly in Belgium, Germany, France and the Netherlands, we have built up an extensive network of dealers and collectors, in addition we visit regularly auctions and fairs. Our global customers consists mainly of enthusiasts, collectors and the art trade itself.

Art and antiques fairs

You also can find our collection regularly on Art and Antiques Fairs in the Netherlands and Belgium. And you are also very welcome in our home gallery so you can meet us and have a look at the collection.